Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lycoming Coach Frank Girardi, By Comparison

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa.—It’s been said from time to time that Lycoming College’s head football coach Frank Girardi is “the Joe Paterno of Division III football.” And there are definitely similarities. Both coaches are of Italian descent, both are affable and both are intensely passionate about football. Both are situated near the top of the NCAA’s all-time victories list (Paterno is 3rd, Girardi 14th). Both have led a single program over decades to remarkable success. And both reside amid the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania, just an hour apart. Even their team uniforms nearly match, with just a yellow-gold accent distinguishing Lycoming. But, even though the comparison is surely a compliment, to pigeonhole Frank Girardi is to overlook a distinctive legacy and the uniqueness of Division III football.